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[Random Thought for the Day] - Expanding Horizons
Ceci n'est pas un anpan
For once, a non-nemu*nemu-related post!
Ee! Couldn't resist! Sorry!

I think these past couple years has been all about expanding horizons. I'm learning more and more about this mysterious bpal culture that's been invading my friends list for months and growing to accept all things Gothic Lolita (although I still feel kinda old and manly to fit into a frilly dress that won't close across my shoulders. ^_^;)

I'm already waist-deep in dolls, gashapon, pinky:st figures, manga... but I'm interested in learning about other cool stuff! I like to think I'm an inherently curious person.

TV shows, fashion, make up, LIP BALM (anyone?), places to visit, stuff to try, things to cook, books to read, movies to rent?

Anything? Anyone?

... and possibly Why?

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ah~! I would like to see you in gothic lolita! :D
I think you would really match aristocrat brands like Atelier Boz~!

Ohh~ I just checked out their site~ I really like their "Boz" collection~ *_* The jackets are awesome!

I just wish Hawaii wasn't so hot.. T_T;;

(Deleted comment)
Oohh~~ That is a cute dress! :D I must ponder. *_*!

Also! The reminds me~ I sent out your check this morning! It should arrive in time for you to just cash it~ Payday is evil with a lag. :\

(Deleted comment)
yeah :D they are one of my favorite brands!

god yeah. . . . even at the con wearing lolita was hell;;;;

I noticed when I read that interview that you are into Tokidoki. That's my big obsession recently xD;

I love the stuff! It's crazy how something so simple is so CUTE!

I'm still waiting for that *just right* bag for me~! In the meanwhile, I'm sitting pretty with my shirts and Moofia gang toys~ ^___^

Haha yeah. I think that's part of the charm for me though.

Unfortunately I found very many perfect bags, now I am poor lol. I love my Moofia and Cactus Friends toys, and my sweatshirts X)

Hah hah, gothic lolita is both my joy and my bane. I haven't figured out how I feel about it... But it can get pretty addictive.

I always force recommend people to read Pratchett's Discworld series or any Gaiman books if they haven't caught up. That would be a good use of time, I think. Hmm, have you tried printmaking? That and sculpting seems like (expensive) fun to me, from what little I've done in art class. I also like the idea of making books.

Oh~ thanks for the book suggestions! I haven't gotten into Pratchett or Gaiman yet, but seems like a lot of folks on my friends list are big fans of theirs.

I would LOVE to try some book binding! It's something I've always admired, but never really ventured into trying it out for myself.

And printmaking was one of my favorite classes in high school! I'd love to take it up again. :D

Yes, I can SO see you in Atelier Boz! *__* Or one of BTSSB's Alice and the Pirates combos.

Also, JSKs can be worn without a blouse underneath if you're concerned about your shoulders (like me). I also am hesitant to wear blouses and especially cutsews with sleeves because they seem to stretch the shoulders out more, but if you shop carefully you can find some really flattering things. ;3

lol, I was thinking Alice and the Pirates too! (*__*) darn I want one of their outfits!

Hmm.. Decora seems to be an interesting Japanese fashion to me. *rubs chin* Can I suggest some music? Keane, (you probably already listen to Ayumi, right?), The Pillows, Coldplay, Audioslave, Portishead?

Wow, I know absolutely nothing about Gothic Lolita, even though I used to be a big fan of it. I frequented the Metamorphose website often and dreamt of wearing their clothes. Sadly, I'm always broke. ¦( ...And I doubt it would be looked upon kindly in Alabama. lol

The curio store I visited last weekend had lip balm in various flavors, including "Smores"!

Things to do: why not look locally? Like, Haunted Hawaii? Try to find sacred sites, check out haunted places, etc. I'd -love- to do that someday! Maybe you can find the haunted cave where Greg Brady found the cursed Tiki!

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