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[nemu*nemu] Shop is OPEN!
n2-Anpan OMP!!

After long long long last!

Our Nemu*Shop is finally open! Get your shirts, pins, books and other miscellaneous items while they're still in stock!

In the meanwhile, our stuffed pups are officially up for adoption!

We have a very limited number of pups available, so if you're interested in one, visit the shop and be sure to read the rules carefully!

Entry deadline is May 18th - 11pm HST!
(Which means West Coast folks have until 2am on the 19th! What a great deal!)


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Yay I just sent in my application for Nemu :D I'd totally adopt a matching set, but $100 is too much right now :'( $50 I can deal with! I <3 Nemu!!!

Received! :D So far, your chances are looking quite good! ^^

:D I love nemu*nemu very much! ^^ And since I'm a big fan, you owe it to me to add me back, right?! >:O

I hope so. :3

Sure did~ ^^ Thanks much for adding me too!

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