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[nemu*nemu] dA account GET!
n2-Anpan OMP!!

After much waffling, I decided to open up the nemu*nemu gallery on deviantArt!

As with our current webdesign (which is currently being revamped by KS), it takes the both of us to update our gallery. In our efforts to make things more convenient and more accessible, deviantArt seemed the best place to go.

Artwork will still be updated to our main website, but in our blog entries!

Chapter 13 is being worked on at this time and hopefully something will be ready for view next week!

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I think it's great that you opened a Deviant Art gallery. It shows what a talented artist you are so far and that you'll be one to watch as you continue to progress and do more. I really like your art, especially the full background scenes. -Debra

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