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[Kawaii Kon 2007] SURVIVAL GET!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Holy Hamachi!

I can't believe made it through Kawaii Kon standing! Last night, we both crashed soon after eating a nice dinner at Ryan's Grill.

First off, I'm happy to say that KimonoKitsy Studios did well for our public debut of nemu*nemu! Our 6+ months of almost non-stop hard work really paid off! I was thrilled to see some old familiar faces and make brand new friends! Thank you so much for your support of our comic!!

Online sales of our remaining merchandise will be up shortly~ KS and I stayed up late last night to take inventory and I believe he's working on the shop sometime today.

Adoption of pups will be up soon too - so for those interested, please be patient! We think it's a special thing for these handmade pups to join new families as each one is very special to us!

Also, a big shout out to a number of very special people:

+ sumiyoshi: Thank you for your well written articles and organizing that amazing photoshoot! KS just sent me the link this morning - I have to admit I am wow'd by the photos~ *_*! (Link to profile article and extra photo coverage that I didn't even notice was there. O_O;)

+ monkey_ame Girls chiizupan, trimgular, hikaru_han, minitsu & masakocha: You girls ROCK. I hope you sell all those remaining KH2 doujinshi in a heartbeat because it looks PROFESSIONAL. The merchandise you folks had was awesome and minitsu's On FAIYA! pin & hikaru_han and trimgular's cute sketches of the nemu*nemu gang were the highlight of my Sunday. ^_^ Your cosplay looked great~ I think KS might have some photos to share with you~ ^_^

+ pmbq: I'm glad you were able to come this year! Thank you for Mr. Bear! Please e-mail me a mailing address - I have a couple pins who are waiting to meet you. (I had made them before the con but completely forgot them on my desk. ^o^;) I'll definitely be in touch with you for future business~ :D

+ banzchan: I'm glad I had a chance to finally meet both of you this year! I hope you did well and will return again next year!

+ elanswer: Thank you for coming to visit us and for all your support! O_O! Even my mom and brother were shocked you picked up so much stuff. XD;;; It's good to see you back in Hawaii (that's how long I've been out of the loop...) and doing well~

+ buuzen_kun, Dogosan, Kaiomi, and all you folks who I don't know if you have LJ or not: Thank you for visiting our booth~ I wish I had more time to visit you all in the Artist Alley! By the time I got there, folks were getting ready to leave. *sigh*

And if I missed anyone, I still thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming by and saying hello! :D

I'm certain we'll have more convention coverage coming up soon!

Meanwhile, KKStudios will be back at the drawing table and pumping out new strips hopefully within the next 2 weeks! If you have a LJ account, hook up to our feed at nemu_nemu!

Thanks again everyone!

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(Deleted comment)
Thank you! I hope your trip to Japan went super well! From the looks of things, it did? :D

Our debut was a great experience! (albeit uber exhausting. o_o;)

Keep us informed when we can buy/adopt a pup.. I want to get me a few in support.

:D! Please make sure you're on our mailing list (check the main page of nemu-nemu.com for the form!) and that you've received the confirmation mail~

We're working out the details on how to best sell the last of the pack~ TwT!

Thank you so much for your support!

Glad to hear that you did very well over there. Now get some well deserved rest!

Thank you!

First we conquer KK... then Hawaii... then.. THE WORLD! XD

magnets, keychains, bookmarks!

i saw a nemu cap in the store saturday! :) deb aoki came in to do a signing on sunday, and there were also a lot of teachers and librarians there to learn about manga, and i was sad that i didn't get extra copies of your book to share with them :(

Aiyah! XD; Ah well~ my mom has some connections to the library - I'm hoping we can get a few copies in circulation. ^_^

KS also works at a local private school and some of the teachers seem interested in reading up on nemu*nemu. :D

Thanks again for all your support! We're gonna work hard (starting now) to prep for an even BETTER next year!

Glad to hear things went so well! You and KS really do a great job with the comic and it's good to see that it's getting the recognition it deserves :D.

Belinda and I are both watching your journal like TWIN HAWKS, by the way- we'd love to give an Anpan and a Nemu a loving home >:3!

Thanks!! I'll be sure to keep you folks posted~ But definitely sign up on our mailing list (on the front page of nemu-nemu.com) for first dibs on adoption info~

I'm certain the pups will be in awesome hands with the two of you~ ^_^

yay! it was great to see you guys again! :D
i love my nemu nemu shirt!

EEEE~~ Thanks so much! AND thank you for the drawing of our cast! Do you mind if we post on our site? I need something artistic to show for our upcoming Friday-Free-For-All~ ^__-

I'm happy we had a chance to at least chat~ It definitely was a crazy weekend~ O_O!

your welcome :D
you can use it (^^;) but i like this one better

yep, no one got any sleep @_@

Hello! I can't wait untill you guys start pumping out more Nemu*nemu! XD And you like Nattou!? I love the stuff! XD Everyone says it smells bad but I don't think so.

Nattou is awesome~~ I prefer the smaller beans with dashi and mustard... although it's just as good with raw-ish egg, mayo, and nori. :D

I've grossed out a number of friends and roommates with the stuff. Much fun~ ^__^

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