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[nemu*nemu] SUPER Unveil #2!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Folks ready for SUPER Unveil #2?

Hard to believe that the countdown for Kawaii Kon 2007 has officially begun!

This time, KS and I have a number of shirts to unveil!

nemu*nemu All Night!
nemu*nemu All Night!

The Magic Wagon
The Magic Wagon!

Walking Children
Slow for Children!

Rockin' Guitars
Rockin' Out

Henshin Rider!
...and last, but not least, Henshin Rider

Images show both the front and back designs of the shirt as well as all the colors available!

And our unveil finale to be posted tomorrow!

Note: For everyone who's not able to attend Kawaii Kon, please sign on to our mailing list for notification of online sales on the nemu*nemu front page!

X-posted to VOX, dA and nemu*nemu!

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HENSHIN RIDER! Ah! I want that! They all look so great, but the best is Henshin Rider!

By the way, did you guys get a spike in your viewing due to that mention in the paper?


I'm not sure if we got a big spike in readership from the article~ I think KS mentioned that the viewers came from my LJ. XD;;;

There just HAD to be a Henshin Rider shirt >:(

And it just HAS to be awesome >:O

Everything looks really great :) Can't wait to see it in person!!! I'm sure you will have an awesome exhibit display as well ^_^

Good luck with prep and see you in a few days!

omg... you guys are so crafty @_____@!!!!!! i love all the designs and products.

All of the designs are Wonderful!!!!! You did a great job and I hope you do Awesome at the Kon!!!

AUGH the Henshin Rider shirts need to be mine, and FAST.

wow even more stuff! (*___*) looks gooooood!

Holy shit you guys have been working hella hard! I WANT THE BLUE ONE THEY ARE FLYING AND I LOVE THE DESIGNAHHHHHHHwhyyoutakemymoney

omg... blue magic wagon! so cute!!

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