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[nemu*nemu] SUPER Unveil #1
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Are we ready for Kawaii Kon 2007?

Our answer is... ALMOST!

Although we have no new strips this month, we hope you feel we have a lot to show for in terms of convention preparation and merchandise! :D As promised, here are a few of the things we will have available at the convention!

nemu*nemu Volume 1
nemu*nemu Volume 1!

Pin Badges Set #2
All new pin badges for sale!

Prints for sale!
Prints of all shapes and sizes!

Hats, Pins and Felt Pouches!
Handmade fleece hats, felt pins and pouches!

Just a preview of some of our stickers!

Items will be for sale online post-convention!

In the meanwhile, hold on tight! There's a bunch more stuff waiting in the wings for SUPER Unveil #2!

X-posted to vox & nemu*nemu!

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Everything looks great XD Holy crap, I want one of those pouches!!

Thank you~! :D We have plenty of pouches in plenty of colors~~ We'll have better photos up post convention~ ^_^v

Hat! I want a hat! It gets cold here during winter, and Nemu would not just keep me warm, but make me happy.

And Eeeee! Squishy AnPan Pins!

Hee! I have yet to get a full count on all the fleece hats and pins we've been making, but I'm pretty sure we'll be able to hold one for you if you'd like~ :D

Have a successful and great time at Kawaii Kon! Hope you do great over there!

I hope so too! I can't believe it's literally right around the corner! @_@! Panic mode!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Please save LOTS for us!!!!!!! ;;o;;

We'll try to do our best to have some stock left over~ (We made tons of pouches and have enough fleece and felt to possibly make to order~) ^^

Much thanks Kou~~ :D I'm so excited that everything is coming together~

Eeeee, this stuff is SO CUTE!!

My jaw DROPPED at looking at all this stuff you guys have! Good job~! Can't wait to see everything at the convention!

Oh~ we have MORE! Muahahahahahaha-*gak*!

We've been planning all this stuff (and a lot more) over the past 4 months~ So crazy! We can't wait for the convention to be over so we can get a few nights rest before starting up on the comic again. XD;;;; *collapse*

We're lookin' forward to seeing you folks at KK~! We should have a dinner nite out or something~ :D

Egad lookit them good stuff! Good luck I'm sure your stuff will sell :D

OMG - I hope so! ;;__;;! I will cry if nothing sells~~ @___@;


wow looks so pro!
can't wait to see you at the dealers!

Thanks~! We look forward to checking out you booth too!

C-cute..! *3*

Can't wait to see you guys this weekend~ so I can monopolize your plushies!!

XD Hard to believe it's a few days away, huh? We're not even ready! ;;__;;!!

See you there!

Dang!! I am blown away by how much you guys have produced, and especially how professional it all looks!! Make sure to get pictures of your booth all set up at the con too~ and best of luck!!

Definitely! We'll be taking pictures of everything from individual items to set up and at con action! :D We must document this landmark event for our studio! ^__^

Much thanks~! Can't wait for this weekend!

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