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[nemu*nemu] Featured in Sunday's Drawn & Quartered!

Much thanks to sumiyoshi (and Wilma!) for his awesome article on the Sunday Star-Bulletin column, "Drawn & Quartered".

Our webcomic, nemu*nemu, has a nice feature article (alongside Jon Murakami & Dave Thorne's feature article~!) Sunday is really the day for comics! :D

(Note: Please excuse the hair - was not prepared for photo. TwT!)

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It makes you look artsy. (The hair.) No, seriously, it's not bad XD


You could probably make a killing selling those plushies. Too cute! (They even have their wagon!)

That's a great article! Congrats! :D

(Deleted comment)
yay! congrats! you look so cute! :D

Congrats! That is definitely cool.

And your hair looks fine. :P

Yay! Congratulations and rock on at the con!

Congrats! That's great! :D

And your "unprepared" hair looked good too XD

Congrats congrats!! You're so pretty in the photo!

That's so cool, I know a FAMOUS PERSON!!!! XD

Congratulations! Don't worry, your hair's fine.

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