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[Kawaii Kon 2007] In need of... help?
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Kawaii Kon is right around the corner for us Hawaii folks! KS and I are burning the midnight oil to get stuff done...

but~ Robert & Emily DeJesus need your help! (Oops. Locked entry...)

They've been attendees for the past couple years and are fixtures of the convention circuit. (In fact, I'm pretty sure they're Guests of Honor again this year?) They've fallen upon somewhat harder times and need to sell stuff. But they're also doing it for a good cause - helping the homeless! Be sure to stop by their booth in the dealer's room and show your support to fellow artists~ :D

...and don't forget to stop by our booth too! XD;

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DUR, I guess they don't need that much help cos the entry's locked.

Oops~ maybe I'll take out the link. ^_^;; I just found out about it when someone else asked me for more info. XD;

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