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[nemu*nemu] Celebrating our First Year!
n2-Anpan OMP!!

nemu*nemu has officially hit the first year mark! (On April Fool's Day, nonetheless~!)

Although KS and I are taking a break from publishing new strips, we are keeping super busy with all the convention prep at the end of this month. Nevertheless, April will be a month of unveiling - lots of stuff in the works, lots of stuff to do~ :D

Whee! First real illustration in a... while. o_o; Need practice coloring!

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Congratulations to you!

I wanted to tell you when I met you in Hawaii, but I didn't because I'm a dork and shy about that kind of thing, but I read Nemu*nemu and I think it's really fantastic.

I find it very inspiring, sort of from a life standpoint and also from an creative standpoint (and if I ever get off my butt and try to draw comics again, I promise to thank you for being part of my motivation lol).

/end fangirl.

OMG~ I wish you had said something when you were here~ :D I'm probably just as shy and dorky as you - probably 10 fold. ^_^;;

But thank you so very much~ ^^ I hope you take the plunge again to give comics a shot~! Your dolly photostories are always great and if that's any indication of your creativity, it looks like you've got a lot~ :D

Where is your reply OH there it is.
pfffft that's what you call rusty coloring? pish. Yaaaaay for a sort of break for uuuuuu!

Well, it's more of a break to catch up on other things, but hopefully it'll give us some room to concentrate on up-and-coming projects.

(OMG. Just remembered an 04.15.07 deadline. O_O *panic*)

My coloring is rusty! Took me a while to finish this one~ XD;;

Speaking of which, I assume you got all the receipts?

Yes~ I found them all! Once I get my stuff printed, I'll be sure to send out a check with it~ ^^

whee very cute!


Congrats congrats congrats! I can't wait to see what you've got in store for this month. =]

Much thanks~! I've got so much to do, I only hope that I have enough time to do it all~ ^^ *hopeful*

(Deleted comment)
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