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[nemu*nemu] More discreet unveiling...

Hrmmm~~ *^____^*

(Sorry to folks who couldn't see~ ^_^;)

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(Deleted comment)
Hrm~~ might be because I linked it to VOX. T_T;; Made changes~ :D

(Deleted comment)
XD XD XD Can't wait to unveil the finished product~~ I only hope the response will be as positive as we feel about them~ ^^

We all (me, KS, and my mom) have been working so hard on them since the beginning of this year~

OMG! Is that tushie the tushie of cuteness? I want one SO MUCH!

I want them...I want them...Nemu tushie is sooo cute!

And I squealed over the label. I did. It disturbed my kitties muchly.

Oooh I want to see more :D
Loving the label, the little doggy head is so cute ^-^

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