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[Random Thought of the Day] - Intermittent Squeeing

-Sorry if this breaks anyone's frames, but I had to had to had to post-

These lovely gifts came in the mail the other day, quite unexpectedly, from Pat! I'm so happy!! Tea cookies, a plant me pet and an unazukin!

(How did she know I wanted an unazukin?? o_o?) I've been searching for them locally for a while now... *ponder*

Thankeeeessss Pat~~~! *__*!

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Lucky you!! :3

Ooooh... Unazukin remind me of those "Little People" toys I had when I was little...

Aren't they cute? They too remind me of those little people plastic toys... or Weebles? (Is that what they were called?) ^^
I've had a hard time finding them locally. TT

cute gift stuff! does the 'plant me pet' turn into a melon? (O-o)

It supposedly does! I hope to open it sometime after KK, but from what it says on the package, the pet is made out of latex, but there are seeds imbeded in the "head/eye" area! ^o^

;O; such cute gifts! I want cute things in the mail now, well, things that I didn't buy myself! ;)

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