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[nemu*nemu] Volume 1 to print!
n2-Anpan OMP!!

nemu*nemu Volume 1!

Hurrah! nemu*nemu Volume 1 has gone to print. We're currently awaiting our first print run's shipping notice, but if all works out well, it should be in our hands by the time of Kawaii Kon! (What you see above is really our proof copy to check for errors and misprints.)

A sneak peek inside...

Volume 1 covers all the comics we published online at nemu-nemu.com throughout our first year. In addition, there are new illustrations/sketches and commentary about some of the comics and themes we visited like New Years, cosplay and mysterious words that pop up in our comic.

This Friday features the final "strip" of Chapter 12, marking the first full year of our comic! After which, KS and I will be taking a hiatus from publishing new strips for a few weeks. To be honest, we've been extremely busy with convention prep that we haven't had a whole lot of time to work on the comic, not to mention my day job has been keeping me uber busy and at work afterhours.

After April, I think we can settle back into a somewhat less hectic pace. We both look forward to it~ ^_^

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Congrats, and good luck with KawaiiKon!

Thanks so much! We're looking forward to it! :D

that's so effin' amazing. i am so proud, inspired, and impressed ;_;

Thanks~~ ^___^ I'm so happy the book is completed! Now we just have to work double-time on the merchandise! ;;o;;!!

Looks really good! Congrats! :D

Congrats on finishing the first book :D It's a huge accomplishment, and I look forward to checking it out soon ^^

KS and I have learned a LOT from the experience. It really is one thing to publish things via the web... a completely different experience to put it to print! *___*;

Ohhh!!! wow congrats! O_O wow that was fast... I still remember reading the first episodes.
=D I wanna buy a book!. sign me up for one.

:D Much thanks~ We're still working out the details of sale, but just keep posted~ ^__^

Hard to believe it's been a year! :D

When it's out and ready, let me know. :) I'll probably buy a copy. :)

I'll be sure to keep folks posted here~ :D Much thanks!


your comic looks really good! the cover is sooo cute >_<)

Much thanks~~~

Now... where's YOUR book?!#!@#!! I better have a copy saved at KK~~~ ^^


ooh how do i buy a copy???

KS and I are trying to work out the details of the online sale~ I'll be sure to keep folks posted here~ :D Much thanks for the interest~~~

How are things for you???! Well, I hope! I have yet to find time to take photos of my girls with the Chiyo wigs! *weeps*

(Deleted comment)
Thankees~~~ :D And OMG that's a cute icon~ *___*!

That is so exciting! It looks great! :D

Thanks~! :D I'm so happy it's just about in our hands! Who knew books were so much work! ^_^;!

Oh yay Congrats!! That is really great :)

Wow. a year already? I still remember when you first announced the birth of nemu nemu!

Congrats :)

It's hard to believe on our end that it's been a year too! In fact, 1 year in all of 3 days! *_*!

Thanks so much~ :D

Hooray!! It looks amazing, please save me a copy!!

Congrats to you both on such a great accomplishment!!

PS. I forgot to tell you I received the pins quite a while ago... Thanks again! Hope you weren't worried!!

I'm glad to hear you received the pins with no problems this time~ I'm so sorry that it took so long to get to you~ T___T;; I feel terribly about it.

Thanks so much for your support~!

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