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Something I've Been Meaning To Do...
Oh SNAP! (Ayasato Chihiro/Mia Fey)
Auuuughhh~~ I better do this before I forget... again.

It's not that I'm not grateful for all that folks do for me - I perhaps am not the best at being vocal about it? ^_^;;;;; It's a bad habit of mine to forget to acknowledge others. I mean to do so, but it always seems to slip my mind if I don't do it at that exact moment of arrival.


twotone: I'm not sure if I ever properly thanked you for the daruma cat and tea! I've been searching for teas from Hawaii that you might like, so if there's a particular flavor - be it fruity or flowery, or herby that you like, please let me know! :D (I'm not sure if you're up for "pineapple passion-fruit" or something like that. ^^;) Daruma cat is sleeping happily in a toy hammock with the rest of my pluffy pups!

c2lan: Thank you SOOO much for all the yummy umeboshi and candy~ I'm sorry I haven't had much of an opportunity to keep in touch and all~ I hope things are going well for you at your new job~ ^_^

waynekaa: I'm working on it~~~ T_T;;

resin_ga_miteru: (See waynekaa's note)

sakurae: I still have to take photos of Aki with the hat! I'm so behind! Eeps!

minitsu: KS and I received your package a while back - can we get your permission to scan the card and put it on nemu*nemu?? We also love the matching donuts~ ^_______^

To all those who sent me X-mas/holiday cards: Thank you!!

If I forgot you, um... I'm sorry! (My brain's not what it used to be~) Thank you!! ^___^;;

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Aren't guilt trips fun for vacation? XD

no no seriously, take your time (while I spam your skit all over the world)


Well, hopefully in the end, it'll be (somewhat) worth the wait. ^_^;;;;

No worries! You left me a comment in my LJ, and I was very glad to hear that Daruma-cat arrived safely. :)

Pineapple passion fruit sounds delicious! I am a fan of all kinds of teas, although I've found that hibiscus can give me a sore throat sometimes. It's too bad, since many of my favorite fruit teas have hibiscus in them. :(

No problem dear Kitsy! Miss you very much though! ^^

Also I have your fabric that I wasn't able to use after all for FMA (I had to buy a new bolt to have enough) but if you'd like to get it back for any future doll projects, let me know as I'd be happy to ship it to you!

oohh~~ maybe it might be best to hold it there for now~ There's a chance I might visit again this year, so I might be able to grab it from you in person. ^_^

Ok it's currently sitting in a box in my workroom but I'd be so happy to see you and KS again! ^_^ Yay!

Yay, glad you guys got it! \o/ And sure, go ahead. I am so honored ;;/

no no no~~ we were very honored that you drew something from our strip. ^___^

Did you guys get my email re: pins? If you didn't, let me know!

I got your e-mail, but KS didn't, so I forwarded it to him~ He says he's mailing it out ASAP~

I hope they get to you soon~ I'm so sorry - it was my typo that caused the wait. T____T;;;

No problem!! Don't worry! *pats* :3

I'm going to leave all the guilt tripping to Wayne since I have no idea what you're talking about. XD

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