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Life Update

Life has gone into overdrive and won't stop until May, so....

- For those of you who have been awaiting e-mail from me and I haven't gotten back to you for over a week (or two), I will try to answer sometime.. soon.

- For those of you I am working on projects with, I will get back to you soon!

- For those waiting for holiday cards... erm.. I'm still working on them. X_X;

+ Many pardons if I don't always respond to your LJ/blogs/plugs/etc... I try to read them when I have the time!

+ I still have to find time to pick up the Secret Santa gift from the X-mas doll meeting! AUGH!

...and last of all, KS and I will be making our nemu*nemu convention debut at Kawaii Kon! Be there or be... er. square?
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