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[nemu*nemu] Pin Badge Set!
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Hey all! KS and I are ready to unveil our very first nemu*nemu related paraphernalia!

Pin Badge Set
Limited Edition nemu*nemu Pin Badge Set #1

Just in time for the holiday season, KS and I are releasing our first set of nemu*nemu pin badges! Each are 1.25" in diameter and professionally made! Each sets complete with all 5 pins!

I'll be taking packages to the post office at least 3 times a week before the 16th of December to accommodate mail-time before Christmas, so be sure to get your orders in as soon as possible!

For more information and photos, follow this link to the nemu*nemu site!

Many many thanks for your support of nemu*nemu!

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aksd;alsk;dksfsdf OH MY GOD THOSE ARE SO CUTE WTF ;___;


So cute!! I'm so totally gonna order them when I get home! (Don't wanna access my paypal from work).

(Deleted comment)
ok, thats just waaaaay too cute. If I actually wore or collect pins, I'd get them. LOL
Get a T-shirt line going and I'm in! XD

Uwa~ They're adorable! :3

*cuteness overload* ... they are adorable!!

Ohmygosh they're sou cute!! X3

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