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[Art Meme] - 1 of 6
Sometime last month, I decided to jump in on another art meme.
[link - Gomen, friends only!]

I have 1 of 6 completed. o_o;

ener's Protoman/Blues:


I've never really played much Rockman/Megaman, so gomen if I got it wrong~ T_T;;;

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I am amazed at how good you are getting!! each time it's better and better! your perspective of each figure is definitely great, and is such a hard thing for artist to grasp. Yah you!!

Yaay, looks like a Rockman/Megaman chara to me! ^_^
I am lovin' the hands, especially.

I always thought it looked like that kid had a cracked eggshell on his head. (In the anime, that is.)

Looks good.

It looks awesome! XD I love the look on his face and the shield *_* Thanks so much!!

UOO the CGing..!!♥♥♥

Ooh, this is lovely! I hope you don't mind, I added you to my friends list. I found your link through a BJD eye directory, and just love your art :3 <--is a *somewhat* artist.


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