Nemu ish Nemu! (kyubikitsy) wrote,
Nemu ish Nemu!

[Random Thought of the Day] - Sukeban Deka IV

As a decent amount of people on my friends list are into Battle Royale and Hello! Project - or in the very least familiar with the names, the following is a heads up.

Most have already noted in their prior journals about the Sukeban Deka trailers featuring Hello! Project girls, Aya Matsuura and v-u-den.

The Hawaii International Film Festival grabbed it for one night and KS and I stood in line with our pre-paid tickets for over an hour and a half just to get in the door. (And the only showing was at 9:15pm... which was delayed until 9:45...) Was it worth it?

Sukeban Deka Codename: Asamiya Saki

(Fake Cut to my brief synopsis and thoughts...)

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