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[nemu*nemu] - Illustration Update
Now Printing - red
Hey all!

Thanks for sticking with me through the thick and thin! I'm still drawing, and am busy with my latest project, nemu*nemu! (Stop by every Monday, Wednesday, Friday for updates!)

Here's my latest illustration for Independence Day, states-side!

(Click on the thumbnail to view the gallery~)

Inked (by KS) drawing, scanned in and colored in Photoshop CS~ Incidentally, the sketch was done back in April, but had been sitting on the side waiting to be inked! Just in time for summer!

Just a quick question - are you interested in seeing my recent sketches or just my "finished" illustrations?

Much thanks for any input! :D

(X-posted to kitsy_kismet)

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nice illustration! i love seeing you'e art~v v v (>___<)

I'd like to see sketches too ^-^

I love your art but am mostly interested in the colored drawings. Sketches are nice too, they show what you are working on, but don't feel compelled to share every thing, just whatever you feel like sharing.

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