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[nemu*nemu] - Site ReBoot & News
Hurray! nemu-nemu.com has officially survived its first month!

Ah~ I have so many things to news-blast about!

* To celebrate, KS decided to participate in the Spring 2006 CSS Reboot - a massive online website "refresh" of sorts. Many elements of the site have changed/improved, so be sure to stop on by and have a look!

* We have a grand prize winner from the "Where's Dat Egg?!" easter egg hunt~ Congratulations G. Tam! Please check your e-mail to update us with your contact info! Prizes to be mailed out soon, so everyone who participated, please answer our e-mail to you~!

* At the end of the month, we had 2 notable "events"!
  • First off, we finally introduced the "boys" whom this strip is centered on. Stay tuned to learn more about these pups!

  • Second, we featured our first Sunday Special!

* Last but not least, Jason Yadao of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin (one of our local newspapers) has plugged nemu*nemu in his Monday feature, Cel Shaded! Many many thanks Jason!

First month in and nemu*nemu is only picking up steam! :D

For Livejournal users, we have a syndicated feed to you to hook up to~ Just FYI, the feeds are sometimes delayed, so for the most up-to-date info, either check out our site or grab our RSS/XML feed!