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Tentative Plans
Much thanks for all the suggestions on my previous post regarding AX2006 or VACATION.

After much debate, hemming n' hawin', it looks like a much needed vacation is in order~!

We'll see you all at AX '07 for sure! :D

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Which of the family (the resin family) will be going on vacation with you?

Which of the (resin) family would you like to meet? XD

Don't they all fit in your nice little carrier?
Well at least your current family.
Who knows if you might be adding some Yo's XD

Well, technically, yes. They all fit into my carrier, but they're quite squished together, like sardines in a can. XD; Might be difficult to carry all of them at once on the airplane. ^o^;

Not like you will carry on anything else, ne?
Don't let those luggage handlers lay a finger on your kidlings.

You really want to meet all 3? XD;

Now that puts me at a rock and a hard place now doesn't it? :P
If I said I only wanted to see so and so, then the other one/s would be all >.< and come stabbity me in the night. :P

Mwahahaha~ Well, I'd like to think my girls are a little more well-behaved than that~ but no guarantees, of course. XD

and don't tempt me! Aaaaahhh~~ Must save money~ T___T;;;

You want 4 little angel Yo's
Skip AX07 too. XD

AAAAAAHHHHHHH~~~ Nooooeeeesss~~~


Good thing someone mentioned this to me. If your going to AX... Don't talk to me. Don't go near me. I don't want a scene so stay away from me. Such a goddamn disappointment.

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