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Give me a reason!
I'm trying to decide whether or not to drop my vacation time and money on attending Anime Expo 2006 or just waiting for an organized, stronger showing in 2007.

Any thoughts, advice, suggestions?

I'm still going on vacation somewhere sometime this summer, but it does turn out that AX comes at a possible conflict time with work.



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You should try to come to AX this year. ( If your work will allow it.) CLAMP will be coming for the 1st time in the U.S. (You'll never know when CLAMP will be coming back again.)

Next year's AX will be at Long Beach and not Anaheim.

Which option feels best to you?

I would suggest waiting until '07 so you can line everything up and really have a good time without any nagging worries. Vacations are always best when you are free from little stresses.

I dunno, attending a convention is not really much of a vacation ^_^; I never look at them that way anymore, but then again they are my current source of income :P

I would say, if you've always wanted to see CLAMP, it would probably be worth your while to attend AX this year. If you're not that excited about it, better to just wait for a better time.

(I knew you'd miss conventions once you left Cali!!!)

Both. >=) We miiiiiiss you.

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I <3 Long Beach - next to the sea breeze and away from annoying Disney traffic

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it'd be great to see you this year, but Artist Alley is in complete upheval this year. If you don't have a table yet, you'd have better chances to make a strong showing in 07.

I think it just depends on what your general purpose for going would be. Here's how I'd break it down:

PROS: chance to catch up with Cali friends in one place; getting to go to an anime convention; AX is moving to Long Beach next year; CLAMP's gonna be there

CONS: uber-crowded conditions and lines everywhere will cut down on the whole "vacation = relaxation" vibe; cost; CLAMP's gonna be there, which means 80-90% of the national otaku population's gonna want to be there, too

Personally, I'd wait until next year ... then again, the potential for large crowds always gives me hives (I'm not really good in those settings), so it's really just a matter of personal preference. ^_~

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