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For the customizer in us all ~ Part 4: Face up and Dress Up

I can't say if this is much to do with the process of a CF kit, but some have asked about clothes and face-ups.

The Lunar Ark had a weekly challenge (albeit, mine is super late.. >_>;) for dreamy eye face-ups. I decided to give it a try on my CF kit.

Again, please note, this is just how I decided to do stuff - it may not be the best way or preferred way, but I'm always up for experimenting. ^^

Also, this time, I don't have many photos of the actual process - it's more of a before and after thing.

Step 1: Outline

Clean sketch

I suppose I should have treated this head more like if I were working on a resin doll face by washing it clean and coating it with Mr. Super Clear before starting... but as I have 3 more sets coming in the mail soon, I'm not too worried about making a mistake. I'm also working with colored pencils and acrylic paints this time around. Just as a note, acrylic paints may easily peel off the resin as it doesn't really bind well with the smooth surface. Most people use the Mr. Hobby colors or what have you... I was just using what was handy. ^_^;

So I first sketched in the eyebrows with brown colored pencil (Prismacolor Verithin to be exact). It leaves a nice line and doesn't rub off. I also lightly sketched in the shape of the eye, where the pupils should be, etc for reference. It'll be covered soon, so it doesn't make too much of a difference if it's messy - as long as it's within the area you plan to color.

I prepped my acrylics with retarder so they were thinned out enough to not cake up too much and provide some gradient. Water works too, but I think people have better control with the retarders. (It also prevents it from drying too fast if you work slow.)

There are many ways to go about coloring the eyes. I'm taking a light to dark approach. I started off with coloring the eye area white in thin layers and trying to keep the application thin, light, and smooth. Once dried, I apply the lightest base color of the eye. In this particular case, I used a pinkish-orangey-red. I covered the area of the eye and slowly built up the color by adding browns (burnt sienna) and ivory black.

To clean up the areas around the eye that were a little messy, I used a clean toothpick (read: many clean toothpicks, as when one got dirty, it would smudge the area under it... so I was constantly grabbing new ones) and scraped away at the mess.

At the end, I touched up the whites and applied some highlights with white and flesh pink.

Step 2: Finished!

The finished face

I have yet to coat the face with MSC or just the eyes with gloss medium, but this is the more-or-less finished face up! Perhaps it's not as smooth as I'd like it to be, but then again, I'm a bit rusty with the paints. XD Possibly also because I'm working with the wrong type of paint. I have a few more faces to try out in the future, so I'm not too worried~

Here are some shots of the face with a couple hair styles:

With default red hair w/ ponytail & ribbon

With option brown hair (pigtails w/ bells not shown)


Now, here are a couple shots of the kit with clothes.

The hot pink clothes were bought at a local K-B-toy store... from a brand of dolls called Zodiac Girlz. I've never seen the dolls before, but I purchased a couple sets of clothing for my 23cm Obitsu bodies and they fit quite nicely! It was something like $2 for a set of the clothes on clearance. I don't think I've seen them since, but for those interested in nicely fitting clothes (perhaps a little on the tighter-fitting side), this might be the size for you!

The pink panties are Azone. I purchased them from Hobby Link Japan a while ago. They are a little tight, but just to show that 22-cm doll clothes are also okay.

More to come later~
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