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Happy Valentine's Day
Unfortunately, I've been too preoccupied with work, work, and er.. more work to get to do anything neat/fun this year. Valentine's Day will be just another day for me, and I think that's perfectly fine.

In fact, for most couples, I think Valentine's day should be the day to do all this special stuff like buying flowers, chocolates, cards, or other over-priced and cliche stuff. In fact, I probably prefer *not* to go to all the fancy restaurants because frankly, the set dinner meals aren't that great and all ambiance is lost to packed tables and hectic wait staff.

For couples, everyday should be Valentine's day. It doesn't necessarily need to be anything big, but just tiny little gestures that make people feel appreciated is much more meaningful than letting loose on one big day.

Ahhh~ well...

Well, for all those who feel "less-loved", here's a strip I did back in '98...


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(Deleted comment)
Hahahaha~ you should have asked me~ they're all available at http://www.compeito.com/lg

(actually, my entire old site - TTLG - is still there. XD;) Just the quality of the images aren't the best~ ^_^;

Haha <3 - It's great ^^



Valentine's Day = Honey let's do something different *wink*

People who have it love it.. people who don't hate it.. that's the way of the world. ^^

Haha! I love the comic strip - I think it's soo~~ true XD;;


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