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DOLLYSTYLE Magazine Volume 1 - group order announcement-
Puppy Love
Alrighty folks, I'm hosting a limited group order for the Dollystyle Magazine Volume 1. (Limited to 2000 copies)

Included are various patterns for 1/6 dolls, Pocket Fairy, Unoa, Blythe, and other various doll types.

I am charging a 100yen = $1 rate of exchange to ensure all fees are covered. So here's the breakdown of costs:

$15 = 1 book
$3 = S/H from Japan
$4 = S/H from me to you (preferably within the US/Canada please... if it's international, I may have to ask you to send the difference in postage if applicable!)

So total per book is $22 US via paypal. Please leave a message here if interested with an e-mail address I can contact you at with payment information.

I have a grand total of 6 slots available.

1. kyubikitsy
2. bittenbefore
3. section8
4. koalajoe27
5. blackmoontides
6. cemetaryparty

Please note: I am stopping the order at 6 because that's as many as I have made an order for. Once I get mailing confirmation of the books, I'll start requesting payment.

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hey kits, is it this book you're talking about?

hmm I actually paid for one copy but haven't heard back from the site owner, good luck with your order tho O_O/

That is the book. O_O; How long ago did you send payment? *worried*


sent on saturday :o have U already paid? :o

I already paid for the full order of 6 books. *dies*

I just sent in a request for shipping costs...

ga! I also sent in a request for shipping cost as my paypal is different address from my current address =_= I'll let U know if I hear from the person ^^;

sorry, didn't mean to scare you ^^;>
but I'll appreciate if you let me know if he gets back to U too? O_O/

Will do~ ^^

I'm thinking the hold up is because the site's Japanese and they're something like 16-18 hours ahead of us. XD;

the owner is japanese i think
so there might be a japanese site
so do u want to try emailing her in japanese instead? we might get more of a response? ^^

Hum~~~ Do you have a computer with Japanese font capability? My two major problems are 1) I'm still at work and 2) my Japanese grammar and vocabulary are terrible. XD;

But I also realize that they're a day and a half ahead of me here, so I'll just be patient for the time being~


yup, i do have one but only at work
i dont get back into work this week though [i'm going to katsucon in DC on thursday]
i'll try to see if someone else can do it on my list ok ^^

Much thanks~~ would be muchly appreciated~ ^^

Totally OT- I found my way here from your post in the Pinky:St comm. I was wondering if I could convince you to share your Volks CM wisdom with http://community.livejournal.com/kasutamaizu/profile. There's still some major stumpage over there concerning them.

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