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For the customizer in us all - The Process of the Volks CF.

My inital review on the new Volks Customize Figures I just received from the January pre-order:

Please Note: This particular figure was part of an online international campaign (as I understand) and may or may not be available in future orders. However a SECOND pre-order booking has started for sets C and D and other miscellaneous parts like the slouch-sitting body and various new heads. Second Note: The payments must be made with a credit card. Payment and shipping notices probably won't reach you until March or so. I've already put my requests in, but I advise for persons wishing to purchase small amounts of stuff (i.e. 1 piece, joints, shoes, etc), consider doing a group order. Shipping comes from Japan and is EMS ONLY. Minimum S/H fee is 2500yen.

Parts purchased:
CFSET-B : LE red haired pony-tail girl.
CFH/2006B : Brown pig-tailed head (closed eye) with bells
Figure Shoes: 2 sets of brown loafer and sneaker type shoes.

All parts came in a box with the invoice and a free Volks dollfie (1/6 doll) catalogue. The figure is *not* assembled and resembled more of a mix between a Gundam model kit and a resin ball-jointed-doll.

Onto the body:

Detailed body shots

Please note, this is how the body comes. The pieces feel heavy, like Volks resin. They are nicely detailed with nails and toenails, but each part needs considerable amount of clean up. (i.e. clipping, sawing, shaving of seams and sanding) As you can see in the photo, all parts have chunks of residue resin. Without these chunks removed, I doubt you will be able to piece together your figure properly. (Or rather, it won't look very pretty, nor will it be able to pose/sit~)
There appear to be 2 sets of feet - one set is detailed for barefoot shots, the other looks somewhat "clubbed". I'm assuming the second pair is best made for boots or those who want to customize their own shoes via putty/clay or parts like boots that are always a pain to put on and take off~ XD;
Although the photo doesn't show too well, the hands and feet have detailed finger nails~

Detailed shot of Set-B head and hair

This is a specifically closed-eye head - great for all you dollfie face-up artists! The face type looks much like a Dollfie Dream or 60cm Obitsu head with the eye space outline (possibly for easy decal application or opening of the eye-well). The back of the face does not have eye-wells for placing acrylic or glass eyes, so please be aware that if you are interested in opening the eyes, it will require work on your part. (Or! just purchase an option head with the eyes already opened!) Similarly, these parts need clean up - there is a little flash above the face and that will probably need to be cleared away for the parts to fit together.

I am not certain how the sanding of the hair pieces may turn out. Like tan-skinned resin dolls, many company highly suggest you *not* sand your own seams for possibility of lightening the tone of the resin. Lighter hair may be okay, but darker hair may need to be touched up later.

All the joints are plastic pieces attached to a "tray" (Think Gundam model!) which will have to be clipped off and flash be removed. I'll probably get around to checking those out a little more once I clean up these parts first. I'm not 100% sure what the difference between these "DM Sets" are versus the extra packs they sell at the online booking... I hear you can snap them together to create more dynamic poses? I didn't purchase any, so I can't be of much help~

Extra notes: I have been hearing from other CF-order-ers that these kits are meant to be more "static" in their posing. The joints may be sturdy, but they may wear down over time and need to be replaced. So, for those looking for a mini ball-jointed-doll, this may not be the project for you~ If you are looking to create your own action figure, this may be much more along your lines! Some Japan-customizers have gone so far as placing putty over the joints and body to create a permanent figure, using the CF-body as their base! Also, the CF bodies are closer to that of a mini/midi sized 1/6 doll (22-23cm vs. the standard 27cm) so clothing may be swapped~

Part two: The Clean Up! (a.k.a. Elbow Greasin') - Coming soon~

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