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Otakon '06
FMA Gotcha~!
No, I'm not going to Otakon '06, nor did I plan to... but the fact that fanart is supposedly banned from the artist alley?

Who's wise idea is that?

Regardless... it sure alienates a lot of people. Most people who walk into the artist alley are specifically looking for a series/character /style. I'm amused.

Good luck to all you artists this year~! Let's positive thinking and perservere!

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Hello, you don't know me, but I'm curious. Where did you hear this?

I heard it through a friend who is actually on the waiting list for the tables - she mentioned she read the news on the Otakon boards: http://phr00tie.livejournal.com/81096.html

Otakon's Artists Alley will be actively disallowing the sale of unlicensed copyrighted materials. If you own it, you can sell it. If you have license to it, you can sell it. But if it has material (images, sounds, etc.), in whole or in part, to which you DO NOT have permission to sell, then that material will not be allowed in the Artists Alley. Anyone found in violation of this rule loses their retail space in Artists Alley for the remainder of the convention. (The above statement will be officially/legally worded and posted on the site during February, after our lawyer and Otakorp President have approved it.)

Fan art is safe. All cons have this disclaimer, however, Otakon is [was] notorious for allowing t-shirt vendors/fan artists to come and sell material with copyrighted images [the exact screen cap or official art] on things like shirt and whatnot. Also, there were artists selling disks of their 'wallpapers, screen savers, and pet type softwares' which used officially licensed material. The rule must be worded carefully to rule these people out. No where in the rules does it say fan-art. ((^_^))

I called and asked our sponsor [they're a company making doujinshi software-and they're presenting this year with our Trigun doujinshi as a part of their product. Curious Factory is the sponsor - http://akibaangels.com

True true~ But according to some who have been pursuing the issue further, it seems that the person in charge is also saying that fanart is also a part of this rule as well. o_O;


However, doujinshi is deemed okay in the dealer's room and fanart is supposedly okay in the art show~ Not sure how that double-standard works?

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