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I'm a believer... and I can't believe it...
FMA Gotcha~!
For so many years I've shunned macs for the hell they put me through when I was working as a pseudo-computer tech back in my early college days...

But I am quickly becoming a believer in all things Apple/Mac.

Aside from owning what is now my third ipod, I find myself working on a borrowed powerbook at work to do all the stuff I just can't do so easily on the crap-tacular work PCs.

Now I hear about the MacBook and find myself seriously considering the possibilities. Not to mention the radio tuner remote for ipods... and the new Intel Macs...

However, I don't necessarily need a laptop at the moment. My semi-old Sony Vaio desktop is still chugging along. But oh, the possibilities!

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ditto.. ive become very attracted to Apples.. since visiting there apple store in the mall i work at...

they're so sexy. i wonder what makes them a league of there own.

I'm a firm believer that everyone should use the tool that they think works the best for them...but yeah, that new MacBook looks pretty sweet, eh? It made me think about selling my beloved Kumasan Powerbook so I could buy this new one T_T However, realistically, my laptop is still working great, and even if I did sell it I couldn't really afford the new one :P

I hear you on your problems from your past experiences, but ever since OSX came onto the scene my computer problems have been virtually nonexistant.

One big thing I like about supporting the underdog is that the hackers/spyware creators don't give a damn about Macs, so I never have to worry about that stuff :D So, I don't mind having paid extra, because it ended up paying for peace of mind. It's like buying Honda or Toyota versus Ford or GMC XD

There are a lot of things that are so appealing about the macs nowadays~ The style is up-to-par with all things Sony (IMO), but also, the intergration of all their peripherials is exceptional.

It's been a while since I've used Macs prior to OSX and I was just blown away at how well it was done. It's user-friendly, safe from most hackers/spyware, and just plain intuitive.

All the reasons I've had prior for not buying Apple have all but disappeared - namely software selection.

I'm pretty certain my next computer choice'll be a mac. ^^

OT: but your parcel part 1 has gone out today ^^

~!! Thank you!

I also have to pay you for the snapple too, ne? I'm waiting to see what other goodies you have up in your shop~~ *_*


no problems
i'll have more stuff up this week so take your time ^^
i took so long with ur package to start with!

Just to let you know, I got the package the other day!!

Much thanks for the chocolate drink~ I'll be sure to give it a shot before the end of the winter season~ *^_^*

Also, the dress and the wig fit wonderfully~ :D I'll be sure to take photos sometimes soon! The dress was originally going to go to my incoming MSD FCS, but I'm thinking it looks quite fetching on my SDC with her new wigs~ ^_^


fantastic ^^
so glad it got there
let me know if u want the snapple bottles still ^^

glad to know u like the stuff! and they fit well ^^
cant wait to see photos!

p.s i couldnt find tea for you but i thought a nice chocolate drink cant go wrong


ooooh, i've started to be drawn to the mac side toooooo~

the new intel ones make it all the more juicy, that i'm thinking i'll just rid the PC portion of my room forever. ('~'), i think it's cause i'm just a nerd and want a pretty new unix machine.




Those new books are NICE... but I hate the name MacBook. (They were called PowerBooks long before the PowerPC chip existed.)

Yeah.. I agree - the MacBook isn't the best of names. But the design... *__*

You should chat more with Lance then.

Holy GOD it's beautiful!!! and yeah, I've wanted a Powerbook for the past half year now ;_; But man... wow AUGH!!! *throws money at Apple*

Tell me about it~!!! TwT;; I just can't justify the purchase right now~ *sigh*

yeah MAC BABY!!!!!
osx have been a dream
yeah i had some grips when they were on OS9 but now its the only comp that i can have running 24/7 and not have a single problem~


j/k ;D

Yeah I hear top graphic artists and web designers n' stuff use Macs 'cause they're reallllllly good with that kind of stuff. But but but... Dx! In any case, yay for no hate? >_>;;

Hurhur I just placed an order. I was going to upgrade this year anyway, and the new announcements just made it easier! :D

Sadly the iPod remote only seems to work for the nano and photo though? SADFACE.

Just got myself an iPod Video.. mmm videos on the go is love :D

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