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Sinus Infections Galore
n2-Anpan OMP!!
Not sure what it is, but since moving back to Hawaii, I have had SOOOOO many sinus infections. That, and I'm much more aware of my allergies than before. Unfortunately, I live in a neighborhood where we have flowering trees of mango and mock orange all-year-round. T____T;;

So I had been out of commission for half the week, working in the hours when the drowsy effect of my meds have worn off enough for me to hold a pen and draw.
Day in the Life - 2009.09.16
These comic shorts have recently been renamed to "Compeito" - yes, like my old site~ Scott's idea.

But since being prescribed antibiotics, I've been feeling much better. Slight lingering scratch in my throat and coughing... occasional sneezing, but at least the sinus pressure on my face is mostly gone.

Wednesday's Strip: Heads Up!

Friday's Strip: Sidelined

Click on the previews to see the full strips~

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ugh Sinus infections are the worst @_@ I'm glad your meds are helping and hope you get well soon! I found the sinus rinse by neil med really does help a lot too!

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